Thursday, June 16, 2011

Healing My Shattered Bones With Hypnosis in 12 Days!
Within you is the State of Art Pharmacy that can heal anything, called your SuperConscious Mind. If you want to and simply try to use your mind to heal, you'll find it is much easier than you ever dreamed. I know because I healed my shattered bones in my arm in 12 days using only my mind with hypnosis to
     I, C.J. Savage, decided to get rid of a small tree from my yard while babysitting my grandchildren Saturday afternoon, May 22, 2010. I climbed up on the tree from my front porch, bouncing up and down on a limb when my feet slipped so fast, they went up and I took a dive to the ground head first, shattering my wrist and arm. Now in excruciating pain, tell my 3 yr old and 7 yr old grandkids what to do to heal me. They did great! They were so small, their attention span was a little short but they healed my elbow. The grandkids worked on healing with their own minds for 10 to 15 mins., then quit to watch the cartoons playing on TV. Prior to that, the elbow had a sharp bone sticking up out of it and wouldn’t bend, but the elbow was now fine.
     After hours of experiencing excruciating pain and too weak to do anything, I went to the E.R., where they prepared me for surgery after one look at my arm but after the x-rays, they said it was ‘completely shattered’ and they couldn’t do anything for me. The E.R. Dr. said, “for all the damage done, the elbow was fine”. They put a cast on my entire arm and told me to see a specialist right away.
     I did my own hypnosis almost around the clock for the next 9 days, listening to my CD about 5 to 7 times through the day almost back to back. This was nothing new, because I've healed myself of illnesses and injuries for many years but I had never had anything this severe before. I simply listened to two of my own hypnosis audio's, "General Healing of Health Problems with Hypnosis" and "Achieve Perfect and Radiant Health with Hypnosis" which can be downloaded for a small fee if you get it off my blog at or
     I got an appointment with Orthopedic Specialist, Dr. Mark Greene, whom I saw 9 days later after being in the E.R.. When Dr. Greene initially saw me, he explained how he would “insert a metal plate with metal pins and metal screws in my wrist…” but I said, “Dr.Greene, do you believe in miracles?” He responded very kindly and quickly, “yes Cheryl, I do believe in miracles.” I was so relieved to hear that and asked for another x-ray because I was sure I wouldn't be needing any of that metal stuff or surgery. Dr Greene kindly obliged. After taking a look at the new x-rays, the surgery would not be necessary as I was healing very fast and was almost healed. Dr. Greene removed my cast from the E.R. and put on a small cast on my wrist to keep the wrist ‘stabilized’. Again, I continued with hypnosis, using the ‘white light’, the Universal Energy or Source Energy, God's Light as a source of power to heal and by the next morning, the small cast Greene put on the day before was so loose, I couldn’t stand it so called to have it removed and did so the next day. No cast was put back on. All the swelling had left and the bones were fine. I wore a cast less than 12 days. I now needed to work on stretching and healing my muscles and tendons in the hand that had been overly stretched in the fall. The tendons in my hand was sore, but was using my hand as usual with all the strength back in it.
     I often tell my clients 'you have the state of the art pharmacy inside you that can heal anything, no matter what it is, injury or illness'. All my clients who have used hypnosis to heal illnesses or injuries for many years with our own minds, have had 100% success.” It can take minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months if is cancer. I have witnessed miraculous healings before my very eyes that has amazed me. I know how powerful the mind is and most people don’t have a clue just how powerful it really is or don't care. Those that do realize the mind is incredibly powerful don't know how to utilize it.This will change with the economy declining and the health care bill takes effect. If we become a one world order and there is little health care available, people will have to learn to use their mind to heal. It is a great asset within at no charge. More than 90% of the people use an average of 2 – 4% of their mind power on a daily basis. I teach people how to access another 70-90% of their mental powers on my free live internet radio channel called, “The Power of The Super Conscious Mind”. Anyone can learn this if they want to and do the same. If more people did learn to use this Universal source of power, health insurance wouldn’t be such a big concern in this country."

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