Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cancer Diet: Nutrition Balance of Protein Over Growth

This is the Cancer diet from Solomon Wickey, one of the world's greatest healers

sugar=raw honey     salt=Bragg's Amino Acids

For 9 weeks:
1 teasp. Red Clover Blend
1 teasp Whole Apricots
6 Food Enzymes
6 Parsley
6 Pau de Arco

For 4 months:
Make Fresh Daily: 1 quart fresh carrot & celery juice mixed
(1pint carrot juice mixed with 1 pint celery juice)

Eat ONLY fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, (especially almonds),
legumes, real butter and cottage cheese  ( no salt)

OMIT ALL: animal protein, eggs, cheese and other dairy products, Sugar, salt,
white flour, peanuts.


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