Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am one who is always looking for natural, safe & healthy things to help you become happier and healthier and I have a product here to help you not only become really healthy but also will help you lose weight. If you really want to lose weight, using this product along with hypnosis for weight loss is a win win situation. While I don't like to recommend other people's products unless I am more than impressed, I do have something you should try and I do recommend it because I have not found anything in a very long time that has impressed me this much. I don't make any money from their product or sell it or am even an affiliate of these products. It is sweeping this country fast and the FDA is trying desperately to keep people from getting it or even learning about it because it makes them no money. I'm telling you about it because I have done extensive research on this to find nothing but good news except for one thing. According to European's scientific research and more than 6,100 articles published, it is called
cellular oxygenation therapy which rolls back time on our aging of our bodies, releasing toxins, waste build up, eliminating bad and sick cells, eliminating virtually all diseases, including HIV, aids, herpes, allergies, arthritis and even Cancer by putting oxygen into our cells with H2o2, otherwise known as 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and needs to be certified H2o2. It works miraculously well BUT, and there is a but and that is, while it is an excellent product and works very well when taken as directed but when misused or taking too much can be very dangerous. I guess this is really true of most supplements as well. This is definitely a product where more is not better.
     I started taking my H2o2 with 4 drops in 6 oz of distilled water twice a day to help me with my allergies which were probably at their worst when I started and 10 days later, all my allergies completely disappeared and I have been so grateful and happy about it. No more burning, itching eyes, sneezing, sinus problems. I love it. The toxins come out of me through my skin in various places on my body which surprised me because I really didn't think I had toxins in me. I don't use drugs or medications. My skin has improved all over. The sun spots, age spots, freckles have mostly disappeared. After 2 weeks, I suddenly realized my eye sight improved dramatically when I could easily read the closed caption on the bottom of the TV screen, which is now crystal clear and I haven't been able to read it at all for the past 2 years, it was so blurry. My mother is taking it because this H2o2 also reverses memory loss and can cure Alzheimer's and Dementia. She is improving. The very small amount you take doesn't seem like much and you can be tempted to want to take more but don't take any more than the book recommends. I have 3 books on it and they very slightly in how to take it but 4 drops in 6 oz. of distilled water twice a day for 6 days then none on the 7th day then for the next 6 days, take 7 drops in 8 oz. of distilled water twice a day and take a day off then increase it again by only one drop for the next 6 days and you can stop or continue. One book I have "The One Minute Cure" I have put on my blogs so you can order which I thought was a very good book. Another book, "The True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide" comes from Pure Health Discounts which you can get if you order from them.
     If you have not ever detoxed your body, this is certainly a good one which is easy to do, easy to take and works like magic. This product will also make it very easy to lose weight when you are using hypnosis along with it. A few drops of H2o2 in water is pretty much tasteless so no bad taste. If you abuse it or take too much, you will get into trouble with your health so be cautious with it. You can find it by googling it but make sure it is "Certified 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide"

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